Cadmus is an extremely lightweight, flat-file blogging platform powered by Markdown.


  • Responsive design by default
  • Full-Text Search Support (see notes below)
  • Flat-file structure (no need for a database)
  • Custom Metadata Handling
  • Uses a stripped down version of Bootstrap and only includes:
    • Grid System
    • Typography
    • Form Controls
    • Resets
  • Markdown support via Parsedown + ParsedownExtra
  • Can be deployed anywhere where PHP is supported
  • Supports PHP 5.4 and above (including PHP 7.x)
  • Does not use a framework, extremely lightweight
  • Easy content backup (all data in one folder)
  • Disqus comment system integration
  • No fancy admin panels
    • Upload posts via any file manager
    • Update Cadmus by overwriting system files
    • No complicated user management system
    • Customize by editing the files directly: no theme setup required!
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